high park

Many of the projects Armitage Architecture has undertaken have been revitalizations or additions to existing structures. In this case, we built an accessory building that feels in place next to our client’s existing home. We took the most striking design elements that were already in place on the Tudor-style home, such as the exposed stone and an inviting and warm color palette, and designed a space that enhanced those unique touches.

Beyond the design touches, this space is uniquely catered to the client and his needs and interests. He’s a born tinkerer, so this needed to be his dream workshop. A beam runs from the front of the workshop to the rear, allowing him to lift and move any heavy object he needs to, like a car engine, and there are long walls that allow for extended work benches. The second floor needed to be a carpentry shop so it was designed with an open floor plan that allowed multiple, large machines and emphasis on flooding the space with natural light. High ceilings and wood used in the interior give the entire workshop the feel of the ultimate handyman’s paradise.